Kevin Godley

Kevin Godley

Everyone knows the classic song, 'I'm Not In Love', by 10cc.

Music fans the world over are familiar with the iconic music videos of legendary bands such as The Police, U2, Duran Duran and Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Kevin Godley has a fascinating story to tell. He was a founder member of 10cc, creating 'Original Soundtrack', one of the most innovative and best selling albums of the seventies, before leaving the band with fellow member Lol Creme and forming the most successful music video partnership in rock history.

Handheld is working with Kevin on his story, written especially for multi media devices. Read Kevin's hilarious account of how they made the video for the the Sinatra / Bono duet, 'I got you under my skin', then watch the video. It makes much more sense when you know how it was done and the challenges they faced working with 'One Take Frank'

'Listen With Your Eyes' is a fascinating, often very funny and always entertaining account of a music innovator who has chosen to innovate yet again with the world's first truly multi media autobiography. Released Autumn / Fall 2012