I'm Shy Boy

  • Monty Roberts
  • Apr 2012
Shy Boy, Monty Robert’s mustang companion, is finally telling his story…through his eyes and interpreted by Monty Roberts. Beautifully illustrated, his tale is a compelling read for young people of all ages.

Shy Boy’s life begins in the Nevada mountains, where he is born into a herd of wild American mustangs. Seeing the world through his eyes, you experience his first encounter with the humans who capture him from the wild as a three-year-old stallion. His surprise at meeting Monty, a man who moves and speaks like a horse, develops into a bond of trust that will last a lifetime. Shy Boy takes us on a unique journey through the mind of the horse, encountering obstacles, challenges and rewarding experiences. His confident yet questioning nature makes him a natural storyteller as he recounts the amazing journey life has taken him on.

Co-starring with Monty Roberts in the BBC documentary Monty Roberts: A Real Horse Whisperer, Shy Boy and Monty now live on Flag Is Up Farms in California, where they work together to help people learn to understand and respect their horses.

An utterly unique and uplifting adventure story, you will find yourself falling in love with this horse and his message.

The author: Monty Roberts

Santa Barbara based Monty Roberts is the world's most famous and respected 'horse whisperer'. He has written 9 books which have been translated into 15 languages and sold almost ten million copies around the world. His book, 'The Man Who Listens To Horses', has sold over 5 million copies alone and remained in the New York Times Bestsellers List for 58 weeks.
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I'm Shy Boy