Wonderful Tonight

  • Pattie Boyd
  • Apr 2011
Pattie Boyd was the super model who married the Beatle, George Harrison. Together they were the most glamorous couple in the world.

Eric Clapton became infatuated with her and triggered the most famous love triangle in history.

Pattie Boyd is Layla. She inspired many classic songs including 'Something', 'Wonderful Tonight', and of course, Layla.

Pattie's tale is one of ecstasy and agony, of carefree excess, the definitive story of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll - told by the woman who was the envy of every woman on the planet for twenty years.

Exclusive to this version of Wonderful Tonight, Pattie reveals never seen before photos of The Beatles, of Eric Clapton and other legends of rock. The book also includes many drawings by George, Eric and even Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood. Read for yourself the 'Layla letters' penned by Eric as he worked to woo Pattie away from George. There's a personal letter from George to Pattie which he wrote whilst in New York and a hilarious surprise from John Lennon!

This book is essential reading for all fans of The Beatles, Eric Clapton and the heady days of wild rock 'n' roll!

The author: Pattie Boyd

When Handheld secured the rights to Pattie Boyd's best selling autobiography we immediately set to work on creating a cutting edge enhanced iBook. Pattie had a vast array of fascinating letters, drawings, photographs and other memorabilia locked away in a box.
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Wonderful Tonight